Processing is 3-5 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my order?

Depending on availability, please allow cutters to ship up to 5 days after ordering. If there is a longer wait time, it will be posted. I will ship ASAP after the cutter come off the printer. Cutter orders are printed in the order that they come in.

What are your cutters made out of?

I print my cutters with high quality food safe PLA plastic.

Can I put the cutters in the dishwasher?

No! Please do not expose the cutters to heat in anyway. Wash them with mild warm soapy water and dry immediately. Any heat may cause them to warp or break. 

Can I return a cutter to you?

Cutters that are ruined due to improper care will not be replaced. If you are unsatisfied or want to return something, please e-mail me regarding your situation and I will do my best to take care of you!

Can I return other items to you?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. Since most of the items are used with food, I am unable to take returned items back. 

Do you take custom orders for cutters?

I do not take custom orders. Each cutter that I sell was hand drawn by me for my own use. For custom cookie cutters, I highly recommend Bobbi from Bobbi's Cookies & Cutters.

I would like a cutter but in a different size, can you do that?

Please e-mail me if you have a specific size needed that is not offered. If possible, I will try to get you what you need. 

Can you ship the cutter tomorrow?

I print orders as they come in. If you have a special need or deadline for the cutter, please e-mail me before ordering.

Do you have a tapered cutting edge?

No. My preference with cutters has been a non tapered edge. My dough seems to be sticky and sticks to the little ridge. Too big of a tapered edge leaves cutters feeling flimsy. I often cut semi-frozen dough so I prefer to have a nice sturdy cutter. My cutters have a blunt edge. In order to smoothly cut your dough, give it a little wiggle before removing the cutter. The technology and design of my cutters will be forever growing and changing to create the best possible cutter to my liking. 

Why do you only have a few designs?

I plan to only design as needed for my personal use. There are a ton of great cutter businesses out there that I love and support. I began 3-d printing for my own selfish reasons, not to create a large cookie cutter business.